10 reasons to upgrade to an Electric Foam Roller

10 Reasons to upgrade to an electric foam roller. Massage Gun Shop Ireland foam rollers Ireland


If you are a gym enthusiast you already know the importance of recovery tools like massage guns and electric foam rollers! They are both excellent tools to warm up and cool down before and after a workout.

Foam rollers are an efficient and easy way to increase circulation and aid overall recovery... But they are even better when they are electric!!

The main difference between a regular foam roller and one that vibrates is the difference in intensity and overall recovery time.👌


👇 Here are 10 reasons to take your foam rolling to the next level! 👇

Quicker Recovery Time: Foam Rollers are perfect for pre-workout and post-workout but vibrating foam rolling is proven to be much more beneficial due to its vibration therapy. 

Injury prevention:  Taking the time to recover will prevent injuries, When you allow your body to rest and recover your body will be less likely to get injuries. Electric foam rollers will help your body recover better and this will lead to fewer injuries

Improved Posture:  Bad posture can lead to other health problems. Modern-day life is the culprit - Sitting behind a desk all day or driving a car can leave us with poor posture. Poor posture is the root cause of many painful conditions that people often blame on genetics or their bad luck. A 10 - 15 min foam roller a few times a week will help hugely with bad posture. 

Improved Flexibility: Flexibility means the muscles and joints in your body can move easier without restriction or pain. While some people are naturally more flexible than others, improving your flexibility with an electric foam roller is possible. 

Helps Back Pain: Foam rolling exercises make a fantastic addition to your self-healing repertoire. This self-myofascial release technique can safely and effectively relieve tension, tightness, and pain in your back.

Targets Aches & Pains: Aches and pains in the body can come from everyday life, working in an office job, training multiple times a week, and even running around after the kids. Vibration therapy is a more effective way to treat muscle aches and pains than a standard foam roller. 

Increased Blood Flow: All types of massages improve circulationWhen pressure is applied, it works to temporarily push blood through the various avenues of the body. When the pressure stops, the blood flow resumes its normal pace.

Safe and Easy To Use: Foam rollers are so easy to use, simply charge it up and it’s ready to use. Please see our blog post on how to correctly use a foam roller 

Age-approved: Vibrating Foam Rollers do the work for you. There is less time to move your body up and down. Therefore making electric foam rollers ideal for older people.

Economical: An electric Foam Roller will save you money in the long run, less money spent on appointments. Using an electric foam roller has so many benefits. To save yourself some money on your purchase - use code 'BLOG' for 10% off your electric foam roller 🥰

When you invest in any sort of recovery tool whether it be a massage gun, a vibrating foam roller, or a vibrating massage ball your body will thank you for it!
The more you can do for your recovery the more your body will thank you for 
Recovery tools are an investment in your and your family's health! 🙏🏻 
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