The Eight Attachment Heads Explained 😃

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The Eight Attachment Heads Explained 😀

Our MG-1 Pro comes with 8 different attachment heads which is more than most other brands out there, So what does each massage heads do?

 Each massage gun head it aimed for different muscle groups/body parts. This blog post will explain each of the different heads.

1️⃣ Round Head - The most popular attachment in the pack is the Round-Head. The Round-Head can be used for the shoulder and neck.

 2️⃣ Fork-Head - The U-shaped fork head is used for both sides of the spine.

 3️⃣ Five-Claw  - The Five-Claw is suitable for calf muscles and biceps.

 4️⃣ T-Head - The T-Head is suitable for the back muscles.

 5️⃣ Mace-Head - The Mace-Head is suitable for soft parts of the body and larger muscle groups such as legs & hips.

 6️⃣ Flat Head- The Flat head is suitable for thigh muscles and calve muscles.

 7️⃣ Bullet Head - The Bullet-Head is used for local pain points and smaller muscle groups.

 8️⃣ Lotus Head - The Lotus-head is suited to the soles of the feet.

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