Are massage guns just for athletes?

Massage Gun Shop Ireland Are massage guns just for athletes?

A common misconception about massage guns is that they are just used by athletes. This is totally not the case..

Massage guns are a type of handheld deep tissue massagers also known as percussion or vibration therapy. In recent years they are been proven to work wonders on the body and even save you a few trips to the physio.

They work to promote blood flow to specific areas, they help reduce inflammation and ease muscle tension.

They are used for pre-workout to 'wake up' muscles and are also used post-workout to treat stiff and sore muscles, known as DOMS.

They are also used by anyone looking for a general massage, Our massage guns treat stiff backs and tight shoulders you might get from working an office job or from running around after your children every second of the day!

Massage guns are known to help with chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia and sciatica.  Please see our customer review below.

Massage guns and fibromyalgia

In recent times massage guns have become popular with horse and are used in the equestrian industry. Champion jockey Oisin Murphy also uses our massage guns for his recovery and in the stables.🏇

Massage guns are the perfect tool for the whole family! They are an investment into you and your families health as the benefits are astonishing 😀