Common Massage Gun Mistakes

Common Massage Gun Mistakes

Common Massage Gun Mistakes

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Lets jump right in to the 4 common mistakes people can make with using their massage gun.


  •   Using your massage gun on the wrong speed

Avoid using too high of a setting and with too much pressure too soon. Make sure to start out on a low speed setting and gradually increase slightly until you find the desired sensation.

  •     Using your massage gun on bony areas

Massage Guns are designed to release tension in soft tissue. Using a massage gun on bones or injured areas will aggravate and cause issues. Make sure to stick to muscle groups and avoid boney areas.

Do not use a massage gun on your neck or spine

  •   Keeping your massage gun in the one spot

Massage guns are not designed to be used on one spot, In order to avoid this mistake limit use to two minutes per muscle group. If you experience pain or tenderness, stop using the massage gun right away. Over using your massage gun can cause possible bruising

Remember less is more.. If it is sore you could be using it wrong.

  •    Using your massage gun too long

A massage gun session should not exceed 15 mins. We recommend using your massage gun for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group.


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