Tips To Increase Muscle Recovery

Massage Gun Shop Tips For Muscle Recovery massage guns ireland

Here are Massage Gun Shop's top tips to help muscle recovery

If your into your fitness & training you may have experienced DOMS delayed-onset muscle soreness  — you know that crippling muscle ache the days after a tough workout.

Use these tips to helpful tips to improve the speed and quality of your muscle recovery so that you can keep working towards your health and fitness goals!


HYDRATE:   Drinking plenty of water each day is essential for so many reasons including aiding digestion, maintaining healthy blood pressure and helping with your energy levels. But drinking water is crucial to speed up your recovery time. Drinking loads of water each day is crucial for post workout recovery as it works to repair muscles.


WARM UP/COOL DOWN:  Taking the time to do a warm up before training with help decrease muscle soreness and lessen the risk of injury.  You can also include stretching and use a low setting massage gun session before your workout to activate the muscles. You should also be making the time to cool down this will help with recovery


 FUEL: Fuel your body with the nutrients and supplements it needs. Remember to have a high protein diet. Protein is made up of amino acids that are responsible for the repair and rebuild of muscles. Protein can ease soreness and speed up your recovery.


MASSAGE GUNS:  Massage guns are proven to help with muscles soreness and stiffness. Massage guns can be used to wake up the muscles before workouts and they can also be used after a workout to tackle any DOMS- They work by releasing any muscle tension and releasing lactic acid this makes you less likely to suffer with Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness DOMS. Massage guns also help with blood flow.

FOAM ROLLING:   Studies have found that that Foam rolling before a workout can help to increase performance and recover. Foam rolling will also with discomfort and improve flexibility to support muscle recovery


REST DAYS:   Knowing when to take a rest is so important. !Take the time to listen to what your body is telling you. Always try take a rest day. If you are feeling extremely sore after a workout this isn't always the sign of a great workout

Remember.. Always listen to your body!