How To Use An Electric Foam Roller

How To Use An Electric Foam Roller

Foam rolling has become a huge part of recovery routines for athletes around the world, It is also on the rise with people of all fitness levels, those with general aches and pains, as well as office workers with stiff and tired muscles.

The more you can do for your recovery the better and the more recovery tools you can have will be a huge benefit for you and your recovery time.

Foam rolling softens the muscle tissue, eases inflammation and increase blood flow to the muscles.

How to use a foam roller:

In order to get the best results then you need to use the correct technique. It’s also important to not only feel the benefits but also to avoid injury.

 Step 1: Ensure the Electric Foam Roller is fully charged and switched on before using. Always read safety instructions and user manual.

Step 2: Start by placing the Electric Foam roller under the desired muscle area you want to target. Start in a less painful area and roll towards the more painful spot gradually.

Step 3: With the Electric Foam Roller you don’t have to roll so much as the vibrations work themselves. The technique is to apply pressure, roll slightly, and let the vibrations work their magic. Rolling at a slower pace to give you more control over the roller on the area you are targeting*

Step 4: Lean from side to side and roll back and forth over trigger points to get deeper into the muscle.

Step 5: Allow no more than two minutes per muscle groups and remember don’t over so it. To target harder to reach areas use an electric massage ball

Important Note: Same as a massage gun you shouldn't use a foam roller directly over the spine or on any joints/bones. Use only directly on the muscle.


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