How To Use Electric Massage Balls

Massage Gun Shop How to use a massage ball

The electric massage ball is the perfect addition to your recovery regime, It is your very own deep tissue massager that fits perfectly in your gym bag! It is so portable you could bring it anywhere! 
It may be small but it is powerful!

The Electric Massage Ball is an absolute game changer because it is designed to get to those hard-to-reach areas that massage guns and foam rollers can't get to.

How to use:

There is many ways to use your electric massage ball.

(Always make sure it is fully charged and powered on)

Option 1: Hold the Meball in your hand and place it the muscle you want to target. Apply slight pressure and gently roll it in a circular motion using the palms of your hand. 

Option 2: Place the Meball on the floor and lay the body part you what to massage directly on the ball and start by applying slight pressure an then gently leaning side to side and roll up and down.

Option 3: To treat sore and tired feet, place the MeBall under the foot and roll the ball back and forward across the sole. Electric Massage Balls are perfect to treat plantar fasciitis.

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