Massage Gun Frequently Asked Questions ✔️

Massage Gun Shop Ireland Frequently Asked Questions Massage Gun Shop Ireland FAQ

Massage Gun Shop FAQ ✔️

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun also known as ''percussive massage treatment” or “vibration therapy,”  are portable and handheld deep tissue massagers. The idea is to have a massage at home without the expense or the hassle of a visit to the massage therapist 💆

What are they used for?

Massage guns are used to:

👉 Treat stiff and sore muscles on the body,

👉To target DOMS( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

👉They are used to release lactic acid build-up

👉 Treat body aches and pains

👉 They are used to speed up recovery time to reduce injuries.

Please read our Massage Gun Shop Benefits Blog to learn more! 


How do I use a massage gun? 

1. Ensure device is fully charged.

2. Select your massage gun head, Once you have the attachment head you want to use easily place in into the top of the massage gun it should easily fit.

2.Power on by using main power switch on bottom on gun.

4.Press the ON/OFF switch  on the digital display screen on the top of the massage gun.

5. Increase power settings by continuing to press the + on the digital display (20speeds for Massage Gun Shop MG-1 Pro and 5Speeds for Massage Gun Shop MG MINI) 

6. Press lightly onto the required body part which you would like to massage.

7. Use for a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group

8. A full body session should not exceed 10 minutes.

9. Enjoy your deep tissue massage!

(Please see our video on how to use our massage guns)

Can I use my massage gun every day? You can 100% use your massage gun every day as long as you don't exceed the recommended time of use ( About 10 mins max per whole body session) but if done correctly and frequently you might find 4-5 times a week is beneficial enough! ⏱️

Can I use my massage gun on pets? Yes, massage guns are popular in the horse industry, In fact our massage guns are used by horse lovers/trainers across Ireland and the UK. They can also be used on dogs (We would recommend to use on a low setting to test it out on your furry friends!🐎

What makes Massage Gun Shop different to other guns you see out there? There are so many massage guns out there at the moment and you really have to be careful who you buy from, not all sellers have the customers best interest at heart, Massage Gun Shop are around a long time and only stock the highest quality massage guns! Always look for warranty and make sure your buying from a trusted business.  Also to be aware of random sellers coming up to Christmas time as they might not plan on being around come new year! 🎄

Where can I order? You can order on our website we accept all the usual forms of payment or drop us a WhatsApp +353 83 056 9348 we are always around to answer your messages 📱

How long until I receive my massage gun order? If you order before 4PM on Monday to Friday you can expect next day delivery! We use DPD couriers who are excellent at getting the job done for our customers. In some cases you could expect 2 day delivery (Depending on location, DPD couriers) We also urge customers to leave a contact number with their delivery information to ensure a speedy delivery! 🚚

How long is the battery life? The MG-1 Pro has an excellent battery life. If charged fully it will last 4-5 working hours. The MG MINI massage gun which is USB charged can last from 2-5 hours 🔋

Are they easy to travel with? Yes our massage guns are so easy to travel with due to there very handy carrier case which is included in the price. Massage Gun Shop massage guns are used by many athletes from FAI players , League of Ireland players, Irish rugby players and many many more. 🧳

Where are you based? We are based in Co. Dublin Ireland. All our orders are dispatched daily from our Dublin warehouse. We work as an online store open 24/7  🗺️

What are your opening times? We are an online store open 24/7 so you can order at any time. 🏢


If you have any comments or questions to add please reach out to us we would love to hear from you! 💌

Email  lisa@massagegunshop

WhatsApp +353 83 056 9348


We can also be reached by message our social media pages we reply quickly