MG-1 VS MG MINI Massage Gun

Massage Gun Shop Ireland what is the difference between the two?

The differences between the MG-1 & The MG MINI massage gun?

We hope this blog post helps to simplify things down to show the main differences with the two massage guns 😄

 Our most recent addition The MG MINI has been hugely popular among hikers and those who adore the outdoors due to its size and weight. It is so easy to carry along with you and the fact it is USB charged means you can charge it in the car or just about anywhere. The MG-1 is is a more sturdier device which is mostly used indoors due to its size and power (at home or the gym) 😎


Remember there is no right or wrong choice, many people have favourites and many people use both the MINI and the MG-1 to vary up their recovery.


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