Workout Motivation Tips

Workout Motivation Tips

If you’re having trouble with exercise motivation, you might need a simple mindset adjustment. Instead of seeing exercise as a chore, try to view it as an essential part of your self-care routine  Working out should make you feel happy, healthy, and strong. 

When you learn to view exercise as some crucial 'me time' you might actually start looking forward to your workouts. Exercise can help you maintain a healthy body and mind, so find a fitness routine that works for you, rather than one you dread.

Here are some top tips to get yourself motivated for working out:



      •  Set realistic goals:  Start by making your goals realistic and achievable. Aim for a short walk before you jump in and start running 10k a day. You will only injure yourself and more than likely give up after day 1


      • Schedule your workouts: Write a workout plan that is realistic for you, Start by doing 1-2 days a week and gradually increase to 3-4, whichever suits your lifestyle and your body. Making a diary of your workout plans means you are more likely to put your plans into action.


      • Get a workout buddy: If you find yourself lacking motivation, Why not ask a family member or friend to join the gym with you or to head out on that evening walk together? You and your workout partner can encourage and motivate each other on those days you want to just lay on the couch.


      •  Make it fun: Working out isn't meant to be a chore, or something that is dreaded. Find a good podcast or playlist that you enjoy and you will find yourself looking forward to getting your next workout in. 


      •  Think of how good you will feel after:  Physical activity releases endorphins, which makes you feel amazing after that workout. Just think after you get up and go for it how amazing you will feel after wards.

       What are you waiting for? Do a short workout today and you will thank yourself tomorrow!

      ''The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen'' Unknown