MG-1 VS MG-3 Massage Gun ☘️

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 MG-1 VS MG-3 ☘️

What are the main differences between the MG-1 Pro and the MG-3 Pro massage gun?                                         

What is the difference between the two massage guns? This is a question we get a lot! In this blog we are going to simplify things for you and help you make the right decision before jumping in.😎

We all know by now that massage guns are an important tool to fight muscle pains & aches, to flush lactic acid from the body and to speed up recovery time. Whether you are a fitness lover or not, massage guns are an absolute game changer!

In current times I think its safe to say we are all missing our regular appointments to our physios, our massage therapists and lets not mention the badly needed haircut. 😂

Massage Gun Shop are here to help you pick out the right massage gun to suit your needs.


MG-1 Pro Massage Gun: 


Massage Gun Shop MG-1 Pro Massage Gun

MG-1 Pro:

The MG-1 Pro is by far our best seller it appeals to everyone from office workers to sports & fitness enthusiasts. 💻 

• It comes with eight attachment heads which is far more than any other brand.

• It has 1100 -3200 rates per minute

• It comes in all black in colour.

• It comes with an Irish + UK plug and travel case.

 • Long battery life


MG-3 Pro Massage Gun:


Massage Gun Shop Ireland MG-3 PRO Massage Gun


The MG-3 Pro appeals to anyone looking for a more intense sports massage experience. For example, Bodybuilders or more serious athletes. 🏋️

 • It comes with 4 attachment heads 

• It reaches 3200 rates per minute.

•  It is uniquely designed allowing it to rotate180 degrees for a more thorough self massage.

• It has a longer battery life (up to 9 days for 20 min use daily)

 • It has a stronger power and more speed than most massage guns

• It comes with Irish + UK plug but also comes with a universal adapter which makes it handy when traveling with.

• It too comes with a carrier case/travel bag.


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