Which massage gun is for me?

Massage Gun Shop Ireland

When it comes to choosing a massage gun it can sometimes be hard to decide which one is best suited for you. Massage Gun Shop has many different types of massage guns all with different specs. 

When buying a massage gun you may wish to consider various factors:


One of the main factors when buying a massage gun to consider one of the main factors is whether you will go for a MINI or a big massage gun. If you are going to be traveling to and from matches or bringing your massage gun abroad with you for holidays or work we would always recommend getting a mini massage gun. Due to their portable size and lightweight design, they are your very best friend when it comes to traveling. 

How active you are:

If you are into the gym and train 4-5+ days a week, you would need a more intense deep tissue massage gun. Something that can give you a deeper massage treatment and help with DOMS. We then recommend the MG-2 MeGun 

What type of sports do you do:

When choosing a massage gun best suited to you, It is important to know what type of sports and fitness you are into. For example, if you are a boxer or you do MMA then you would be looking for something to suit that lifestyle of intense training. The MG-2 MeGun would be your best pick here also. If you are more of a regular walker or someone who does light cardio we would recommend an MG-1.

What you are using it for:

People suffering from Arthritis, Sciatica, and Fibromyalgia often use our massage guns to get pain relief, We recommend the MG-1 or the MG-1 MINI as they are easy to hold and the different attachment heads of the MG-1 suit each body part nicely.

The design:

All massage guns are of different shapes and sizes. If you were looking for a gift for someone you could go for one that comes in a gift box set. The MG-2 MeGun and the MG-2 MeMini are perfect gift ideas as they come in a lovely gift set box.


Massage guns may benefit people who have specific medical conditions or frequently experience muscle pain after exercising.
A person should consider what features are most important to them before exploring our massage gun options.😁
If you are unsure of which massage gun is suited to you. Drop us a DM over on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages for a speedy reply and we can have a chat about which massage gun best suits you. 
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