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Massage Gun Shop MG MINI Massage Gun
Massage Gun Shop MG MINI Massage Gun
Massage Gun Shop MG MINI
Massage Gun Shop MG MINI Massage Gun

MG MINI €44.00

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Introducing the MG MINI. 

The MG MINI massage gun is an absolute game-changer weighing at just 0.51KG and has five gears which are incredible power for such a small device.

The MG MINI is USB charged making it even easier to bring anywhere, anytime.

1 Year Warranty on ALL products & 30-day money back

 Colour                                    Black

Attachment Heads                  4 Heads

Machine Dimensions               17mmx158mmx50mm 

Handle Diameter                     44mm

Net Weight                               0.51kg/515g

Battery Capacity                       1500mAh

Charging Time                         3-4 Hours USB charger

Charging Voltage                     DC 5.0V

Battery Life                               3-4 Hours

Frequency                                5 Intensive Speeds

Strength                                   8mm amplitude:4kg thrust 

Our MG MINI comes with:

  • 30-day money back
  • 1 year warranty on all pieces.
  • USB Charger
  • 4 Attachment Heads


What makes Massage Gun Shop different to other guns you see out there?

There are so many massage guns out there at the moment and you really have to be careful who you buy from, not all sellers have the customers best interest at heart, Massage Gun Shop are around a long time and only stock the highest quality massage guns!

Always look for warranty and contact number or email to make sure your buying from a trusted business. 

*Also to be aware of random sellers coming up to Christmas time as they might not plan on being around come new year!*


Our new packaging

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