Massage Gun Shop MG-2 MeGun €185
Massage Gun Shop Ireland MG-2 Megun works 60% deeper than other massage gun brands. We are Ireland's number one company
Massage Gun Shop MG-2 MeGun €185
Massage Gun Shop MG-2 MeGun €185
Massage Gun Shop MG-2 MeGun €185
Massage Gun Shop MG-2 MeGun €185
Massage Gun Shop MG-2 MeGun €185

MG-2 MeGun €60.00

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MG-2 MeGun Massage Gun

The new and improved premium quality massage gun is back! The MeGun is 60% deeper due to its 12mm extension into the muscles and its unique design.

Massage Gun Shop's most powerful massage gun is ideal for anyone looking for a deeper tissue massage with a long battery life of 7+ hours 

  • Brand: Massage Gun Shop MeGun
  • Our Patented Massage Gun
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Net Weight: 0.9KG
  • 6+ Hour Battery Life
  • Rotates 180 degrees to get to harder to reach areas 
  • Massage Mode: Warm-up / Neck / Lumbar
  • Rotating Speed: 1600-3700
  • Charging Connector: DC 15V / 1A
  • Product Size: 227mm * 93mm *83mm
  • Massage Head: Round shape head, flat shape head, tape shape head, U shape head
  • Accessories: Adapter Irish/UK plug & carrier box(gift set)

* All Massage Gun Shop products come with 1 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee*




What makes Massage Gun Shop different to other guns you see out there?

There are so many massage guns out there at the moment and you really have to be careful who you buy from, not all sellers have the customers best interest at heart, Massage Gun Shop are around a long time and only stock the highest quality massage guns!

Always look for warranty and contact number or email to make sure your buying from a trusted business. 

*Also to be aware of random sellers coming up to Christmas time as they might not plan on being around come new year!*


Our new packaging

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