5 Important Things To Know About Massage Guns

massage gun shop 5 things you should know about massage guns

When searching for a massage gun it won't take you long to find one from a simple google search. But it is important you do you research before jumping in to buy one. There are so many different massage guns out there, ranging in price, colour, and attachment heads. When it comes to your health you can't take any chances.

Quality is one of the biggest considerations when buying a massage gun — you want to invest your money into something worthwhile!

All of our massage guns are used by physios and athletes. Our products come from technology that’s backed by science and experts. We have feedback from past customers which has helped out business grow.

 It is soo important to buy off a registered Irish business, like Massage Gun Shop.

Here's what to consider when looking for a massage gun:

Durability: Durability is one of the biggest differences between a high-quality massage gun and a cheap 'knock-off'. Each and every part of our massage guns has been thoughtfully designed with the best materials. Many other brands out there are made of flimsy materials that can be easily broken.

Warranty: Always check for warranty this is what separates the bad from the good massage gun shop brands. All decent massage gun companies will offer a minimum of a 1-year warranty on their products. We offer a 2-year warranty on all parts.

Quality: Most massage guns will look the same but take a closer look and you will find there are many out there of much less quality. Our scientifically-calibrated 12mm amplitude and speed range of 1100-3800 rpm is what makes Massage Gun Shop unique. Our massage guns work 60% deeper into the muscle than other massage guns.

Attachment Heads: It is important to know that all attachment heads do different things when getting the best massage gun. Our attachment heads are ultra-soft and gentle whereas some are hard and plastic and can cause you more pain. Our attachment heads on all massage guns are super soft and easy to wipe which is more hygenic.

Shop Irish:  It is good to shop Irish so the money is going back into the economy and creating Irish Jobs. Shopping local will ensure you get your order quickly and easily. We use a tracked courier so all orders placed before 4 pm will be with the customer the very next day! A lot of these 'massage gun pages' are drop shippers and do not actually hold the stock themselves.

Genuine company:  It is important to shop from a genuine VAT registered company to ensure 1) You aren't falling prey to an internet scam and never receive your items. 2) The company is widely known and has a phone number, email, or a way to contact them.

Conclusion: Always buy off a VAT registered business. Shop Irish if you are in Ireland this will ensure you are going to receive your order the next day. Make sure there is a way to either call or email the business before you part with your money. Always look for a warranty to cover yourself. The cheaper massage guns will not last you and always go for quality.


Conclusion: Taking care of your body is so importnat