How To Use A Massage Gun

How To Use A Massage Gun

Massage Gun Tips

Deep tissue massage guns are the perfect R&R tool. They are an absolute game changer for everyone. If your looking to relieve muscle tension after a heavy gym session or want to get rid aches and pains from the strenuous 9-5 office job, you need to get yourself a massage gun!

Here are some massage gun tips below!


  • Make sure the massage gun is fully charged before the first use. If it's not charged fully it simply will no work properly. Always read the user manual and instructions before jumping in and starting a massage session.


  • Use your massage gun pre-workout to warm up and loosen the muscles and they can be used. You can use your


  • Use your massage gun post-workout to relieve muscle tension and help tackle DOMS


  • Never use a massage gun on broken or injured areas as you could cause further damage.


  • Never use a massage gun on boney areas as they are designed for muscle


  • Do not use a massage gun as a replacement for a licensed professional. Always seek advice if suffering from any pain or ilness


  • Remember to relax and enjoy it! Id you're tense and flexing the muscle while going over it, you're not getting the full benefit of the tool


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