The Benefits Of Rest Days 😴

Massage gun shop Ireland. What are the benefits of rest days

The Benefits Of Taking Rest Days  🙃

Staying active and regular exercise is so so important but over working yourself isn't the answer. Now the gyms are finally back open everyone is now allowed back to their healthy lifestyle before lockdown.

Rest days are just as important as working out. In fact, a successful fitness regimen isn’t complete without rest days. 

Taking rest days allows your body to recover and repair.    

Here are some of the benefits of rest days :

  • Improved Performances: When we listen to our bodies and take the time to rest it allows us to become stronger and this results in better training sessions and better progress.
  • Prevents Burnouts: It is important to get enough rest time in order to increase those energy levels. This prevents mental and physical exhaustion.
  • Supports Sleep: Taking a rest day can bring down your heart rate and help you get a better night sleep.😴
  •  Reduces Injuries: Taking the time to rest will benefit hugely by putting less strain on the body and therefore less injuries will happen.
  • Muscle Recovery: As we like to say at massagegunshop  "Recovery Time Is Paramount"  . Recovery is crucial to let your muscles rebuild and grow. Using your massage gun from Massage Gun Shop will hugely speed up this recovery process.
  •  Makes a Happier Athlete: Let's be honest here, training seven days a week will eventually become a 'chore' and your body will be over doing it resulting in a loss of love for training. 

  We know it isn't always easy to put the weights down and take a day off but it is a crucial part of progress. Remember rest day doesn't mean lazy day. Why not go for a walk and still aim to reach your daily step goals what ever they might be.


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