All About The Vibrating Massage Balls

Massage Gun Shop Ireland- Electric Massage Balls are used for Plantar fasciitis and to treat muscle aches and pains. Ireland's number one massage guns

Athletes are always looking for ways to take their workouts to the next level: trying to lift heavier, sprint faster, and outperform the athlete they were yesterday. Massage Gun Shop works to create recovery tools that help athletes reach these goals daily. Our range of products are created for athletes to take every workout to the next level.

Our newest recovery product the MeBall is an electric massage ball with 4 High-intensity vibration modes. It has an extremely long battery life that charges easily and quickly, making it the most portable and easy-to-use vibrating massage ball on the market.👌

Owning a massage ball is very important for recovery, especially after workouts. Vibrating Massage Balls are light, compact, and can be taken in a gym bag wherever you travel. 

Did you know: Massage balls are not just for athletes they are used to treat general aches and pains. Massage Balls are also used to treat Plantar Fasciitis(the most common cause of heel pain caused by inflammation)

The vibrating massage ball is now on sale was €120 now only €69.99!
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