Do's & Don'ts Of Massage Guns

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It is important to establish some important facts before using a massage gun! 👌

Massage Guns are the latest and most effective home recovery tools out there. Massage guns have so many proven benefits.. 
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Do's Checklist ✔️
  1. Charge Fully:  Make sure your massage gun in fully charged before use , especially before the first use as it needs a good charge of around 6 hours.
  2. Read User Manual: Like anything make sure you read the user manual and safety instructions before you use your massager. As it is an electrical device its vital you learn the important warnings and reminders
  3.  Seek Professional Advice: Always check with your GP or physio before using a massage gun especially if you have any health concerns. They are not suited to everyone
  4. Use It To Loosen The Body: Massage guns can be used to loosen the body before or after training or working out. A massage gun will aid stiff and tight muscles
  5. Every Day Use: You can use your massage gun everyday provided you aren't exceeding the recommended time of a session. (5-7 mins per session daily)
  6. Use Lightly: Massage guns are powerful devices (our ones hit up to 3500 rpm) so the only work you have to do is hold it to the desired area of the body. 
  7. Less Is More: As with anything less is always more. The same goes for a deep tissue massage. A session really shouldn't be exceeding 10 mins.
  8. Do Your Research: Do your research before jumping in and using your massage gun as they aren't suitable for everyone. As we mentioned above it is important you check with your doctor before use, the last thing you want is to cause further damage to a muscle or tissue.
Don'ts Checklist: 🚫
  1. Don't Get It Wet : Keep your massage gun out of water and away from liquids.  Massage guns are non waterproof. Think of it as a hair dryer, you wouldn't bring that near water. 
  2. Don't Jump In: Don't jump in and start using your new toy before carefully understanding the warnings and instructions. 
  3. Don't Use To Replace Physio:  Don't use a massage gun to replace your physio or licensed professional They are a home recovery tool but we don't want you using as a replacement to any licensed professionals or to go against their professional advice to you.
  4. Don't use on broken or damaged area: Do not use your massage gun near any broken, damaged or irritated skin as it will cause further damage. 
  5. Don't leave it on one area too long: It is vital not to use or hold your  massager in one area too long, especially the neck or spine area. If you use for too long in one area bruising and further injury/damage will occur. No one area should be massaged for more than 2 minutes.
  6. Don't Use Aggressively: You do not need to use aggressively or hold down heavily on the body. As we mentioned in the Dos Checklist they are powerful and do the work for you.
  7. Listen To Your Body: If it feels sore you could be using it wrong. Again, Don't over use it its not going anywhere.
  8. Not Suitable For Everyone: Last but most definitely not least! Massage guns are not suitable for minors, pregnant women and those with underlying conditions such as diabetes or clots. Again you are urged to ask your GP to see if you are suited for this type of deep tissue/sports massage. 
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